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Introducing the ChronoLeatherPen - The ultimate care tool for your leather straps

Dress watches are coming back strong with new and old strap brands stepping up their game in terms of colours, leathers and mechanisms. While leather straps, of course, never lost their timeless elegance, colourful straps and quick release mechanisms brought a fresh breeze to this segment. From Audermars Piguet to Bulgari, almost all major watch manufacturers are embracing quick release straps, allowing us to effortlessly change and match straps whenever we want and wherever we are.

Inspired by the beautiful straps we see from friends and partners such as Molequin, Everest Bands and L'Atelier du Bracelet Parisien we did not just go on a little shopping spree ourselves lately. We also realised that there are no products that we would trust to take care of our delicate new leather straps. So naturally we went to work in late 2021 and started developing a new liquid that would protect and refresh leather from the daily wear and tear.

Leather watch straps are on our wrist all day, they have direct skin contact and therefore absorb everything that comes with that, including sweat, body oils, lotion and their final enemy: alcohol from perfumes! All of this tarnishes and dries out the leather, causing the leather strap to break faster. As anyone who's been wearing a leather strap for long enough knows, these effects can even be topped off by causing an unpleasant smell. Therefore our new ChronoLeatherPen is designed to keep your strap in good shape for longer.

We developed the creamy solution inside the pen with 4 hard requirements: 1) it had to improve the longevity of the strap , 2) Would have to effectively work on most varieties of leather, 3) of course it had to be dermatologically tested and approved to be safe and 4) would have to be easy and quick to apply.

With this in mind we went ahead and kicked off a 12+ month journey of R&D to finally end up with the solution we have today. The final solution contains real bee’s wax to protect the leather sustainably and lastingly. To contrast the shine that the bee’s wax provides and also to give suppleness we also include natural jojoba oil. We did not stop there. We knew that our community and clients really like the process of using the ChronoPen, so we wanted to be able to offer a similar or even better experience. Our ChronoPen brush would be too soft to massage the solution into the strap thoroughly, so we decided on a soft yet sturdy silicone applicator.

What we now have for you is a worthy equivalent of our ChronoPen but for your leather straps. It’s also something we believe to be a must have all-in-one and easy-to-use tool to freshen up, maintain and clean your leather watch straps.

For us, watch cleaning does not stop at the watch itself, but has to include the straps as they can make up a big part of the fun. So we hope that with the help of the ChronoLeatherPen you also feel more confident to buy some new leather watch straps, try something new,wear them wherever you go and have a tool ready to look after them!


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