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New brand, same company - We rebranded!

Anna, Ivan and Said at Lake Zurich
AIS Collective Founders

By replacing our old brand MW with AIS Collective we are stepping into the next phase of building the number one watch cleaning and watch care business in the world. Firstly, we give our venture a more personal touch, by showing the faces of our three founders Anna, Ivan and Said. Secondly, we highlight the collaborative nature of everything we do, from design to production, from manufacturing to distribution and communication.

After the successful launch of the ChronoPen in 2020, our innovative Swiss Made 2-1 tool for gentle yet thorough watch cleaning, we are now developing three new products in close collaboration with local designers and our manufacturing partners.

We have learned that developing a new product is never easy, but we were very fortunate to find fantastic partners and experts in their respective fields who supported us hands on from the get go. We therefore rely heavily on long-term and, wherever possible, local partnerships in order to be able to offer the highest quality possible. So, after the experiences of the last two years, we want to further emphasise the importance of these partnerships, which is why we have included the “Collective” term as an integral part of our brand and company name.

AIS Collective host pop up in July in Zurich

To celebrate this successful development of the company, we will open our first pop-up store at Zurich Talacker on July 15th and 16th, where our next product will be presented and showcased for testing by partners and the local watch community.

AIS Collective foundres at Dubai Watch Week

This event in our hometown is long overdue, as our product has long been physically presented in other markets. In the United Arab Emirates for instance, the ChronoPen was launched at Dubai Watch Week in 2021 in partnership with our exclusive retail partner Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons.


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